Restoring 71 – A Prairie in Transition

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Katie and Aaron Suek - Restoration 71

In 2014, we bought a little patch of prairie. After a century of growing crops and hay, this 71-acre prairie was no longer pristine. It was not untouched. This prairie was not a native grassland, it was not a cropland, and it was not a hay land. This prairie was in transition.  

Community Feature: Rollin Baldhead

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Rollin teaching

Baldhead grew up in Saskatchewan and is now using what he’s learned to move mountains across Canada. Baldhead takes his educator role seriously, from teaching grades kindergarten to 2 through land-based learning to leading culture camps and everything in between.

Community Feature: Woman of the Forest

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I have an inherent appreciation, love, and respect for Mother Earth, my indigenous ancestors travelled, worked, and lived in many of the same areas where I explore. I grew up in the boreal forest in Saskatchewan and I’ve recently reconnected with it. I feel very grateful to be exploring and living on Treaty 6 Territory.

Community Feature: Mike Digout

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Beaver eating grass

I have always loved nature and wildlife, but prior to 2020, I spent a lot of time driving to find it. The 2020 pandemic helped me realize that nature and wildlife is just outside our front doors; and thrives right here in our city.

Community Feature Matt Jacques, 2020 in Review

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Deer standing in a dense forest

But this crisis has created opportunity as well. In a rather roundabout way, 2020 has provided a chance to hit pause and re-centre our connection to the natural world around us. It didn’t take long for some to connect the dots between the pandemic and our fractured relationship with nature.

Community Feature: Matt Jacques

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Matt Jacques COVID19 portraits

By working on stories and projects like these, I have started to build a stronger sense of connection to my community. This is a process which I feel has direct parallels with my appreciation of the natural world too. How many ecological crises are the result of an artificial, unsustainable disconnect between humans and the natural world?