Community Feature: Amber Antymniuk

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Amber holding her children's books

Over the past few months, the world has changed significantly- it has changed in ways that most of us could have never imagined before. The year 2020 has been filled with confusion, tension, apprehension, hardship, heartache, loss, and devastation for people all over the world.

Community Feature: Kevin Wesaquate

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The Prairie Lily boat floating down the river in Saskatoon on a summer day.

The project began for me as a child growing up on Piapot First Nation. It really began as I picked Misaskwatomina (Saskatoon Berries) with my Kokom and Mosom. Finding shade in the Qu’applle Valley underneath trees as we picked berries. These memories are precious and are moments that bind families together. These are memories that many Indigenous families as we harvested this food from the land.

Misaskwatomina – Kevin Wesaquate

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A freshly planted Saskatoon sapling

Your words are powerful and my words are said. Your words are dancing to the new notes in my head. My words are like trees of autumn days like leaves that leave me in so different ways, while your words trickle out like a spring run-off. Your words bring new meaning and life, while my words have been sustaining me all these winter nights.

Community Feature: Jimmy MacDonald

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Jimmy Macdonald

Each morning the Sharp-tail Grouse gather at a lek nearby the swale but it is nothing like what I experienced out in a healthy prairie environment. With dismal numbers, and constant disturbance and pollution from nearby construction, roads, and housing developments, the grouse are skittish and uncomfortable at best in their situation.

Jimmy MacDonald, Expedition Guide

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Jimmy Macdonald

Jimmy MacDonald is a professional paddling & wildlife expedition guide, leading trips across the country and around the world in the polar regions. Despite his passion for travel and exploring new environments, his favourite place to be is up in Northern Saskatchewan, Canoeing and Kayaking in the waters of Treaty 10 – the traditional home of the Woodland Cree and Dene people.

Community Feature: Barb Stefanyshyn-Coté

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Barb with Peonies

Black Fox Farm and Distillery is many things— a labour of love, a passion-driven business, and one of the most successful distilleries in Canada. With internationally rated spirits, this family-run farm is dedicated to energy-efficient and ecologically sustainable practices. At the helm of this ship is Barb Stefanyshyn-Coté and her husband John Coté.