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Matt Jacques COVID19 portraits

By working on stories and projects like these, I have started to build a stronger sense of connection to my community. This is a process which I feel has direct parallels with my appreciation of the natural world too. How many ecological crises are the result of an artificial, unsustainable disconnect between humans and the natural world?

Purpose Driven Photography

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Grasslands National Park by Matt Jacques Photography.

None of these projects or initiatives happen in a vacuum—it’s not just my project or an individual thing. I’m learning all the time. There are things that resonate with me and I feel curious and passionate about exploring, but I think the story never really gets told without partnering with great organizations like CPAWS or having conversations with biologists or researchers who know the story on the ground. As a photographer I am curious, and I care about what I’m photographing, but it’s really hard for me to say where the best place to point that lens is.