Food Sovereignty in Canada

Nicole DollDecolonizing Conservation, Education

Close-up of bison standing in grassland

Aside from supporting life, food holds cultural and traditional significance, it unites communities and it has the power to create common ground. Food, where it comes from, and how we eat it, can be the biggest fight for freedom.

Bison and Reconciliation

Nicole DollDecolonizing Conservation, Education

Bison resting in a field on a sunny day

Bison represent a keystone species of the grasslands and are emblematic of Canada’s Indigenous people. Their reintroduction onto the grasslands provides hope for both restoration and reconciliation.

Community Feature: Kevin Wesaquate

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The Prairie Lily boat floating down the river in Saskatoon on a summer day.

The project began for me as a child growing up on Piapot First Nation. It really began as I picked Misaskwatomina (Saskatoon Berries) with my Kokom and Mosom. Finding shade in the Qu’applle Valley underneath trees as we picked berries. These memories are precious and are moments that bind families together. These are memories that many Indigenous families as we harvested this food from the land.

Misaskwatomina – Kevin Wesaquate

Stew ColesCommunity Features, Decolonizing Conservation, Featured

A freshly planted Saskatoon sapling

Your words are powerful and my words are said. Your words are dancing to the new notes in my head. My words are like trees of autumn days like leaves that leave me in so different ways, while your words trickle out like a spring run-off. Your words bring new meaning and life, while my words have been sustaining me all these winter nights.

The Beacon Project

Stew ColesDecolonizing Conservation

CPAWS board member Tom Waldron

The Beacon Project is a three part series made in collaboration with Indigenous communities along The Great Trail and is a companion piece to the feature documentary 500 Days in the Wild — the five-year, 24,000 km ecological and reconciliation pilgrimage of filmmaker Dianne Whelan.