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Community Feature: Woman of the Forest

March 2, 2021
Nicole Doll


I have an inherent appreciation, love, and respect for Mother Earth. My indigenous ancestors travelled, worked, and lived in many of the same areas where I explore. I grew up in the boreal forest in Saskatchewan and I’ve recently reconnected with it. I feel very grateful to be exploring and living on Treaty 6 Territory.

“My first lynx sighting occurred in in 2020!! I’m very grateful for all wildlife encounters and I look forward to many more opportunities in 2021.” Taken by @woman_ofthe_forest on Instagram.

Spending time in nature is very therapeutic, it calms my nervous system settling my brain and body into the vibrations of my surroundings. When I sit in quiet observation I’m continually learning about the flora, fauna, and myself. I love the silence that being in nature offers, then other times nature’s noise is music to my ears when I hear the loons calling or the wolves howling.

Follow @woman_ofthe_forest on Instagram for more photography of Saskatchewan’s wildlife.

I see a lot of wildlife, I enjoy watching their activities in order to get a better understanding of each species and how they co-exist with each other. The more time I spend outdoors away from hustle and bustle of city life my appreciation for the animals and the land deepens. I truly love the boreal forest, it has a very special place in my life.

I want my photography to inspire others to connect with nature wherever they live, to learn about the different species of wildlife that exist, and recognize the need for conservation of the land.

Follow @woman_ofthe_forest on Instagram for more photography of Saskatchewan’s wildlife.

Individual connections to nature will lead to a much better understanding of the land, water, air, vegetation, and animals. Then, there becomes a need to respect and protect. We can all come together to be guardians of this amazing land.

Written and all photos taken by Woman of the forest. CPAWS-SK thanks Woman of the forest for sharing beautiful imagery of Saskatchewan’s wildlife and her love for nature. Follow @woman_ofthe_forest to view more pictures.