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Saskatchewan's Parks

CPAWS works to ensure Saskatchewan's Parks keep ecological integrity as the top priority. Saskatchewan is home to two of Canada’s National Parks. Prince Albert National Park protects a large tract of the boreal plains/prairie transition eco-regions. Grasslands National Park protects some of Saskatchewan’s last remaining grasslands and native prairie. Additionally, Saskatchewan is home to 39 provincial parks.

Prince Albert National Park

Both Woodland Caribou in the north of the Park and Plains Bison in the south are experiencing the results of isolation and fragmentation. Although the Park is large, it is not large enough to provide the necessary habitat for these species to thrive. Continued management planning must ensure the ecological integrity of the parks ecosystems.


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Protect our Wilderness

Parks are just one method of legal protection that CPAWS Saskatchewan uses to achieve their goal of protecting more than 50% of our province's wilderness, safeguarding against industrial developments and instituting sustainable best practice developments on the remaining landscape.

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Why Are Parks at Risk?


Boundaries for new parks are too frequently designed to maximize industrial development in adjoining areas, rather than to ensure wildlife and ecosystems are well-protected.


Inappropriate tourism and recreational development within the parks threatens the well-being of ecosystems within their borders, while doing little to foster visitors’ appreciation for nature.

Industrial Development

Growing industrial development pressures within and adjacent to many parks threaten their ecological integrity.

Climate Change

Climate change has already impacted moose habitat and helped bring more deer and predators into moose territory. Cold winters also keep parasites like ticks in check. As the boreal continues to warm, our moose will be at even great risk.

Ensuring Land Conservation


Working to ensure Parks are managed to Protect the Ecological Integrity of the Ecosystems they encompass

CPAWS Saskatchewan works actively with Parks Canada and Sask Parks to ensure that proper management practices are followed in our national and provincial parks systems. As a voice for the wilderness, CPAWS speaks on behalf of those who have no voice at the negotiation tables, like the sage grouse, the plains bison, or the woodland caribou. These species find refuge in Saskatchewan’s parks and will continue to do so so long as their habitat is rightfully protected.

Saskatchewan currently has 39 provincial parks located in all corners of the province. These parks preserve significant ecosystems, landscapes, and cultural and historical resources. As tourist and recreational destinations, we must ensure that the very foundation of these parks – their healthy intact ecosystems – are safeguarded. In addition, there are many areas of Saskatchewan where future parks could be of great benefit.

CPAWS sits at the Prince Albert National Park Management Plan Stakeholder round-table and contributes a voice for the wilderness to the discussion. CPAWS is also active in the Grasslands National Park Management Plan consultations. We will continue to work for the highest degree of protection for these precious ecosystems.