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Hunters With Heart

October 11, 2018
Stew Coles
Hunters with Heart.

Hunters With Heart

About the Program

Hunters with Heart is a community partnership by Community Mobilization Prince Albert (CMPA), Prince Albert Wildlife Federation, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, and Caribou Transport L.P. Thousands of people each year rely on the Prince Albert Food Bank to provide critical food for their families, half of those in need being children. Meat is one of the most sought after items for the Food Bank and Hunters with Hearts is facilitating a new way to put much needed protein on the plates of hungry families. 

While the program’s focus is white tailed deer, elk and moose may also be accepted. Each animal harvested is also tested for diseases, including Chronic Wasting Disease in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment. After testing, donated animals will then go to Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Prince Albert campus where they will be processed as part of their Retail Meat Specialist Program. Processed meat is then delivered to the Prince Albert Food Bank.  

Donations will be accepted November 1 to December 6. Any interested hunters or outfitters who have harvested animals they wish to donate can visit the Prince Albert Wildlife Federation website where they will find the necessary forms in order to donate, or they can directly contact:

Don Erhardt (Prince Albert Wildlife Federation): (306) 961-3914 

Gord Vaadeland (CPAWS): gvaadeland@cpaws.org or (306) 469-7876

Our History With the Prince Albert Food Bank

Over Thanksgiving weekend of 2016, nine wild bison from the Sturgeon River Plains Bison Population were illegally harvested near Prince Albert National Park. 4 of these bison were confiscated by conservation officers. When CPAWS-SK Executive Director, Gord Vaadeland, heard about this he set out to make sure these amazing creatures did not die in vain. With the help of the Ministry of Environment, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and many generous locals, the 4 confiscated bison were processed and donated to the Prince Albert Food Bank. This brought hundreds of meals to the many families in need in Prince Albert and a new way of utilizing wild game meat in Saskatchewan.

In May of 2017, CPAWS-SK collaborated with Dr. Ryan Brook and the University of Saskatchewan to bring even more protein to the food bank. The University of Saskatchewan conducted a pilot project aimed at removing invasive feral pigs from the landscape. These escaped domestic hogs create significant damage to habitats used by species native to Saskatchewan and have been spreading across the province rapidly. Dr. Brook’s program looks at how to address this growing problem. About 30 were captured without the use of drugs, removed, and processed by E & A Meats in St. Breiux, SK. CPAWS-SK was happy to deliver several hundred pounds of wild boar meat to the Prince Albert Food Bank.