Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement

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Two bison walking through grass.

CPAWS plays a leading role in the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement.

The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA) is a historic agreement made between conservation groups and the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC). It covers more than 72 million hectares of public forests licensed to FPAC member companies across Canada.

Changing economic realities and heightened public and marketplace concern over environmental issues have created both problems and opportunities for Canada’s forest industry and environmental organizations. From these challenges has come a unique collaboration between 21 major Canadian forest products companies and nine leading environmental organizations.

The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement is a strong step in the right direction towards long-term sustainable stewardship of our vital boreal forest ecosystems.

  • What CPAWS is doing

    CPAWS SK is the only signatory Environmental Non-governmental Organization (ENGO) active in Saskatchewan. Therefore, our role in representing environmental and ecosystems perspectives at the regional negotiating table is paramount.

    CPAWS Saskatchewan is part of the Saskatchewan/Manitoba Regional Working Group on the CBFA.  CPAWS continues to work closely with regional FPAC members, Tolko and Weyerhaeuser, as well as Aboriginal communities to develop a Regional strategy including mapping areas of particular ecological and cultural significance.

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