Saskatchewan Oil Spill – How can I Help?

With the recent oil spill in Saskatchewan, many might be wondering 'how can I help?'  Here are some ideas to help us do our part.

The following items are in need for wildlife rescue efforts

o Old sheets, towels, washcloths
o Disposable gloves
o Paper towels
o Q-tips
o Seventh Generation dish soap
o Mineral oil
o Puppy pee pads
o Soft toothbrushes

Anyone who wants to donate can call Lendapaw at 306-481-6797 to make arrangements to drop off supplies.  They are located in the Battlefords/Maidstone area so donation drop offs could be arranged.

Looking to volunteer? Living Sky, Lendapaw and the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan are currently looking for volunteers and those interested can contact them via telephone or email to be put on the list.

Anyone who finds injured wildlife in or outside the spill zone can contact Husky's 24-hour emergency line at 1-877-262-2111.

Safety Tips

Please stay off and out of the river for your own safety. Oil slicks can be found in the water and along the banks as the plume passes through the area.

Conserving Water

o Don’t wash your vehicle or water your lawn
o Check faucets, toilets and pipes for leaks
o Flush the toilet only when necessary
o Reduce shower time
o Use dishwasher and washing machine for full loads only
o When washing dishes by hand don’t leave the water running for rinsing
o Don’t let the faucet run while cleaning vegetables
o Keep a bottle or jug of drinking water in the fridge
o Keep a bucket in the shower to catch water that can be used on container plants
o Catch rainwater in buckets or barrels to use on plants, gardens and lawns
o Don’t leave the water running when brushing teeth, shaving and washing your face

Monetary donations can be made to the following organizations

Lendapaw (306)-481-6797 – Animal rescue facility providing kennels to be used as a triage in Maidstone.

Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation (306) 281-0554 – Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre based out of Saskatoon currently working onsite.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan (WRSOS) (306) 242-7177 - A province-wide umbrella organization designed to support the needs of independent, licensed rehabilitators through advocacy, educational opportunities and a wildlife emergency hotline.

Canine Action Project (306)-830-1979 – Canine wellness organization assisting with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Saskatchewan Chapter (306) 469-7876 -