CPAWS’ third annual caribou report is out!

  • Published on Jan 19 2016 |
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How are the provinces doing for woodland caribou recovery efforts?  In its third annual review of government action to conserve Canada's boreal woodland caribou, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) finds there has been spotted progress – with too few of jurisdictions showing leadership in protecting the species that has long graced our 25-cent piece.  Provinces such as Saskatchewan and Manitoba are leading the way, while provinces such as Ontario and British Columbia have not.

“We observed the most positive government policy actions in 2015 on boreal caribou conservation in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  We also noted early positive signs of change in Alberta’s new government’s approach to boreal caribou habitat conservation. All other provinces and territories got much more mixed reviews, with our biggest concerns reserved for British Columbia and Ontario,” says CPAWS National Executive Director Eric Hebert-Daly.

“We’re hoping for stronger leadership in 2016 on this file from the new federal government, once they’re able to turn their attention to it.  We are also actively encouraging the three recently-elected provincial and territorial governments to take more action next year on boreal caribou habitat protection, along with other jurisdictions,” adds Hebert-Daly.

Read the full report here