Canadian Geographic: Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement

From Canadian Geographic, December 2015

How the CBFA's big-picture plan for Saskatchewan works, and why it matters. 
By Fraser Los

The Saskatchewan Delta. (Photo: Garth Lenz/Canadian Geographic)


After flowing some 1,200 kilometres from Canada’s Rocky Mountains, collecting runoff from the Prairies and Boreal Plains, the Saskatchewan River spills into a maze of channels that cut across the low-lying forests and wetlands of the Saskatchewan River Delta.

At 10,000 hectares, it’s the largest inland delta in North America, and prime habitat for diverse wildlife, including one of the continent’s most important regions for migratory birds. It’s also part of Canada’s vast boreal forest, an ecosystem that stretches across the continent and soaks up so much carbon emissions it’s been called the northern lungs of the planet....