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80% of Saskatchewan's grasslands have already been lost forever. Now, the federal community pasture system is being dismantled, putting even more native grasslands at risk, while also leaving ranchers and critters out in the cold. Along with our friends at the Saskatchewan Environmental Society, CPAWS-Saskatchewan is very happy to be working with the Public Service Alliance of Canada on this campaign asking that governments make sure that balanced use, conservation and environmental protection guarantees are firmly in place before decisions are taken about our prairie grasslands’ future.

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Stop the Sell-Off of Canada's Prairie Grasslands
Stop the Sell-Off of Canada's Prairie Grasslands
Please take a moment now to send a message, before Saskatchewan sells off nearly 2 million acres of remaining native prairie grasslands that have been held in the public trust for generations. Manitoba may follow suit by selling a further 700,000 acres. These moves could open the door to degradation of grazing pastures that have been co-managed by ranchers and the Government of Canada for generations, with strict standards for conservation in place. These rules have worked well for ranchers needing healthy pastures and for species-at-risk needing habitat protection.
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